Our Mission

Friends in Recovery truly feels that alcoholism and substance use disorder are family diseases, and that together, it is possible for the families to get well. Our goal is to offer clean and sober fun to the recovering family. We encourage family and friends to participate and support one another in our journey to a better life with serenity. We are a group of individuals and families that have discovered that having fun is essential to maintaining quality sobriety. To that end, we have a lot of fun by involving our families and friends in enjoyable activities during all seasons of the year. Our activities include: Snow Tubing, Banquets, Golf, Boat Cruises, Sporting Events with Sober Tailgate Parties, Bowling, Picnics with Bonfires and Hayrides, and a hospitality suite at Gopher State Roundup. Recovery is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, not endured!